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3 easy ways to check your Android phone for viruses

3 easy ways to check your Android phone for viruses

Many owners of Android devices believe that in order to protect their device from malicious applications, it is necessary to install antiviruses. In fact, this is not necessary, since Google offers a free built-in solution.

Полезное приложение Android


Google play protect

At the end of 2017, this tool was integrated into the Play Market, which is an integral part of the Android operating system.

This service checks not only user-installed utilities, but also scans for updates, and performs daily testing of installed software.

It is worthwhile to understand that such functionality only works when the software is downloaded from the official Google Play store, and not from third-party resources.

To initiate a manual check, you need to go into Google Play, click on the menu icon in the upper left corner, select "My applications and games." Then from above you will see the current status and you can start the scan:

Сканирование программ в Гугл Плэй

Also in the list of actions the "Play Protection" settings are available:

Включение Play Защиты

You can go the other way: open the Android settings, then - Google - Security - Google Play Protection. There you will find similar options.[/ Info]


A very useful site, relevant not only for mobile users, but also for computer users. You can install the program before unpacking the archive, launching the APK file, etc. check the downloaded object. Just upload it [urlspan] on the page of the online service [/ urlspan] (File tab - Choose button) or scan a direct link (URL tab):

3 easy ways to check your Android phone for viruses

Since it is not very convenient to perform these manipulations on the phone, it is recommended that you use the [urlspan] official application for Android [/ urlspan].

After a few seconds, you will see a detailed report on the screen and you can draw the appropriate conclusions.

The principle of operation is similar to VirusTotal, but much more anti-virus engines are involved, databases are updated much more often. But there is no link check.

[urlspan] Go to the site [/ urlspan], in the upper part of the window you should specify the file and click on "Scan". In some cases, it may throw an error due to the use of invalid characters in the file path. But in general, he copes with his duties perfectly. It’s a pity that the web page is not adapted to the screen of a mobile device.

And which method did you find most convenient and reliable? Share your opinion in the comments.

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