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TOP-10 of the best push-button phones of 2020 by price and features

TOP-10 of the best push-button phones of 2020 by price and features

Despite the huge range of advanced touchscreen smartphones, push-button devices still find their target audience. Some choose such devices, considering them the most reliable. Others give them preference because of ease of use, but others simply don’t see the need to overpay if they need a mobile device exclusively for communication. Many people buy these devices as an additional means of communication. It is convenient to use them for the elderly.

Main criteria

If you do not know how to choose the right option for yourself, you should take into account the specificity of this technique and the main points to which you should pay attention:

  • Screen - for budget models, it is often exposed to the sun, for more expensive ones, a TFT matrix is ​​installed, which does not glare, transmits a bright and clear picture.
  • Protection class - if you are looking for a phone that is not afraid of dust and moisture, look at the IP-67 and IP-68 parameters.
  • Battery - ideally up to 2000 mAh. This value will be enough for a long time, because you do not need to spend energy on the processor and the screen. If this option is important to you, look for more than 4000 mAh.
  • Camera - here you need to look not only at the number of megapixels, but also at the amount of memory in which photos and videos will be stored.

Условно мобильные гаджеты с кнопками можно разделить по категориям:

  • Classic models are inexpensive options that are affordable and have a good life;
  • With a powerful battery - high capacity options that allow you to do without recharging for a long time;
  • With a good camera - devices that can take decent pictures, shoot videos;
  • Protected models - having a reinforced housing. They are not afraid of moisture and dust. The protection class is usually denoted by IP-XX symbols, the more these numbers are, the better.

Let`s consider the devices in each of the listed categories. We offer you a list of the best push-button phones in 2020.

NOKIA 105 Dual Sim

Let's start with the budget option of a well-known manufacturer. This reliable model costs about 1,200 rubles. A convenient, durable case, on which you can not even see scratches, there is nothing superfluous. Sold in three colors: pink, blue and black. Convenient, embossed buttons for dialing SMS and phone numbers. The phone book can hold up to 2000 contacts, there is a calculator and an alarm clock. The display is only 1.77 inches, but with good color rendering, it does not light up. Battery removable at 800 mAh. It is stated that in talk mode it can function up to 15 hours, and in standby mode - up to several days.

There is a built-in flashlight, radio is supported, 2G communication. Game lovers will appreciate the branded game "Snake". Great speakers. It can be charged both from a power outlet and from a PC; a micro USB connector is provided. Suitable for those who are looking for a cheap phone in order to always be in touch.

Нокиа 105

BQ 2436 Fortune Power

This push-button telephone can be called the best in the budget price segment - it costs only 1400 rubles. At the same time, he has excellent characteristics. Supports as many as 4 SIM cards. From branded manufacturers for this price no one can offer such an ideal model. The main advantages are a large number of slots for SIM, a large capacity of a removable battery - 3000 mAh, this is quite enough for several weeks of use without recharging.

A good-sized display is 2.4 inches, resolution is 320 by 240 pixels, clarity is 167 ppi. An excellent indicator, given the cost of the device. In addition, there is support for Bluetooth, radio, flashlight, mini-Jack for a headset. The keys are small, but convenient to use. They are located far from each other, so there will be no typos. The FunBox application is installed, which allows you to use the operator’s entertainment and information services, for example, listen to songs, read jokes and much more.

TOP-10 of the best push-button phones of 2020 by price and features


This device boasts a powerful 4750 mAh battery, this is enough for several days of active use or several months of standby time. The price is 1990 rubles. The design of the phone is simple, but at the same time practical - a secure all-in-one with a comfortable keyboard. Sold in khaki, gold and gray. There are 3 slots for sims.

The case is shockproof, so the device is not afraid of shock and minor mechanical damage. You can safely take hiking. There is a 0.1 MP camera, a Bluetooth 2.1 module. If necessary, it is easy to put a removable drive up to 16 GB, internal memory 32 MB. Of the standard parameters - FM-receiver, flashlight, 3.5 mm mini Jack. All standard services are provided, such as an alarm clock, organizer, calculator and others.



BQ 2825 Disco Boom

Such a device will appeal to users who are very important to constantly be in touch. The battery here is 5400 mAh, in addition, there are three slots for SIM cards. The device can even be used as a Powerbank. The manufacturer himself called the model Bluetooth speakers, because powerful, loud speakers are built into it. On the side there is even a light music. Camera 0.3 megapixel.

Despite the budget cost - an average of 2000 rubles, and excellent functionality, the device has a compact size and weight of only 280 grams. Only a simple plastic case does not cause much confidence, but the cheap assembly is fully compensated by a large display with a coating that is not afraid of sun glare. A decent option with a "long-playing" battery, which is enough not only for calls, but also for listening to music. It looks dignified and stylish. Great option for a small amount.

TOP-10 of the best push-button phones of 2020 by price and features


Another phone that can be called the best push-button 2020 with a powerful 5500 mAh battery. Also presented as a 2-in-1 device is a cell phone and a wireless speaker with support for light music and powerful speakers. The case is durable and stylish. You can connect a memory card up to 32 GB. The weight is pretty decent - 332 grams, but it's all about the battery. The average cost is 2000-2500 rubles.

There is a bright flashlight, you can listen to the radio even without headphones, support for 3 SIM cards, buttons for the player are highlighted. Another huge advantage is the karaoke function, a compact microphone with a very high sensitivity is built in. Not afraid of drops, dust, so you can take with you everywhere. Equipped with a double flashlight, which plays the role of light music, two large speakers are located on the back cover. It easily performs the functions of a power bank - there is even a full-sized USB connector. To access the Internet, you can use the technology of GPRS and WAP.

TOP-10 of the best push-button phones of 2020 by price and features

Philips Xenium E580

Now let's talk about button devices with a decent camera. The cost of Philips Xenium E580 is 4 440 rubles. It is suitable even for older people, thanks to a bright 2.8-inch display with large print and large buttons with clear labels, Latin layout and Cyrillic. You can use two SIM cards and a microSD flash drive up to 32 GB at the same time. Such a memory card will allow you to store many photos, especially since a 2 megapixel camera allows you to take them.

In addition, the device can be used as an external battery, if you purchase an additional OTG cable, it is not included. The menu is clear and convenient, only there is no T9, but not everyone needs it. The design is quite modern. The case is plastic, but the control buttons are metal. The round key rises a little to make it more convenient to operate. The back cover is also made entirely of metal. The battery capacity of 3,100 mAh, it is removable, so that if necessary it can be replaced.

TOP-10 of the best push-button phones of 2020 by price and features


Nokia 8110 4G

The best camera for 2020 push-button mobile devices is the Nokia 8110 4G. This manufacturer is able to make good gadgets. The average price is 4,990 rubles, but it is fully justified. This is a stylish device, with an original design, made in the form of a slider, slightly curved.

There is support for 4 gigabytes of RAM, a high-performance dual-core processor with a frequency of 1.1 GHz. This is quite enough to search for information on Internet resources and perform simple tasks. There are two colors to choose from: black and yellow. The keyboard is hidden under a flip, which in the process of use must be moved away. There are backlight buttons. The 1500 mAh battery is enough for comfortable use.

Very clear screen 167 ppi, resolution 320 by 240 pixels by 2.4 inches. All users note that it does not light up in the sun. There are pre-installed Google services, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The best part is support for the fourth-generation network, and, of course, a 2 megapixel camera that is good for such a device.

It is ideal for lovers of the classics with good options and capabilities. As the operating system, Smart Feature OS is used here. The menu is standard, you can press the right soft key and shortcuts will open, as in Android OS.

TOP-10 of the best push-button phones of 2020 by price and features

Cat B35

Many users still choose button phones because of their reliability. Often you need a device that is not afraid of shock, dust, moisture. Here we can note the Cat B35, which has a high degree of protection, costs 6,500 rubles.

Caterpillar has surprised many with its decent quality / price ratio and the highest level of security. The device is not afraid of moisture, drops and other negative factors that can bring the device out of working condition. In addition, the manufacturer thought about the display - it is quite large - 2.4 inches. It can work with two SIM cards, the internal memory is 4 GB, but it can be increased with a USB flash drive. The amount of RAM is 512 megabytes. The battery capacity of 2300 mAh, this is enough for several weeks of standby time. Weight is only 130 grams. Very bright screen, good sound. Suitable for those who do not need modern smartphone options, access to the Internet. This unit is reliable, not afraid of any extreme conditions, so those who like to travel will like it.

TOP-10 of the best push-button phones of 2020 by price and features

TeXet TM-513R

This phone also belongs to the best in its category. The price is 2,200 rubles. It has water and dust protection according to the IP67 standard, shockproof. It can be safely called inexpensive, because some models with similar characteristics are much more expensive. There is a 2 MP camera with flash, video recording 240p, MP3, GPRS, FM-radio. The processor is installed MediaTek. Supports memory cards, removable battery capacity of 2570 mAh. Weight can not be called large, but it is not too light - 168 grams, although it is excusable, because the body is shockproof. But despite the thickness of 22 mm and such a weight, the device is quite convenient. It is comfortable to hold in your hand. Thanks to the relief zones at the ends, you can grab it tightly, it will not slip out of your hands. Buttons have a backlight.

The screen size is 2 inches with a resolution of 220 × 176. There are two slots for sim, one for a memory card, GSM 900/1800/1900 communication standard. It is very interesting that the package includes not only a phone, a charging unit, a USB cable, but also a mini screwdriver, a couple of screws and interchangeable plugs. A screwdriver is needed in order to open the back panel.

TOP-10 of the best push-button phones of 2020 by price and features

Alcatel 3025X

Clamshell, supporting 2G / 3G. The model has an external display where you can see information about an incoming call, number, missed calls and SMS messages, as well as the state of battery charge. It costs about 2,400 rubles. Here is a very convenient contact book, you can put an individual melody for everyone. But only one number will be recorded per contact. The diagonal of the display is 2.8 inches. The battery is 970 mAh, there is a radio, a flashlight. Built-in memory - 256 MB.

Of the advantages, one can single out quick Internet access, thanks to support for 3G technology, a high-quality noise reduction system, and auto-recording of conversations. There is also the “answer by cover” option, the alarm will work even when the device is turned off. Stylish design, comfortable to hold in your hand. Here you just need to immediately note that here you can put only one SIM card. Buttons with large numbers, so it will be convenient to use the elderly.

TOP-10 of the best push-button phones of 2020 by price and features

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