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WPS button on the router – why you need it, how to turn it on, configure WPS technology

WPS button on the router – why you need it, how to turn it on, configure WPS technology

Have you noticed the mysterious WPS button on the router? It seems to me that there are three categories of users: those that do not even suspect that they have it; those who saw it, but did not understand what it means and why it was created, and those who understand what it is about. Let's analyze the topic - WPS on the router - what it is and what it is used for.

Кнопка WPS на роутере

What is the “weird” button?

Finding WPS is very simple - two arched arrows are pointing towards each other. This standard was developed ten years ago. A three-letter abbreviation for reliability and a secure connection to wireless Internet. The protocol was intended for novice users without experience and knowledge. Thanks to this development, every man in the street can make a pairing, configure the router on his own to distribute a wireless Wifi signal. This technology connects the device to the Internet automatically, while entering an access code is optional.

WPS сзади

Integration of the WPS standard allows you to change the name of your home network, create strong password protection from “freebie” fans and transmit a good signal to several gadgets at the same time. At the same time, this technology will provide excellent information transfer speed.

By the way, some devices have the abbreviation QSS, that is, operational security settings, in fact this is the same, only the abbreviation is different.

WPS button on the router - why you need it, how to turn it on, configure WPS technology

Mode configuration

Even a beginner can manage such a function. It is necessary to carry out only 2 steps:

  • Configure the access point on the router;
  • We are connected to an already functioning local network.

This button greatly facilitates the above process. The operating state is automatically activated by transferring the required information from the network router to other equipment. The name of the access point remains unchanged.

WPS standard is supported by all operating systems created on the basis of Windows, it does not matter if they are designed for compact devices or for stationary computer equipment. For operating systems that do not have programs for this protocol, special drivers have been created that will also help make a connection with Wifi.

For a passwordless connection on Android, you will need to go to the wireless connection menu, go to advanced settings, specify the desired connection in the list and then click on the corresponding button on the Wi-Fi router. The gadget will automatically be connected to the working network.

Wifi setup process

One of the most powerful arguments in favor of such a connection is the possibility of network configuration without a digital interface. You can activate your home network in two ways:

  • Hardware - pressing a button, if it is absent, you can connect virtually through the device menu;
  • Software - there are models that support WPS mode, but do not have a physical switch, so to integrate with the network, you need to enter the eight-digit pin code indicated on the router sticker:


This code can also be entered through a computer device after connecting to a router.

Now you know how to enable the protocol and where the WPS button is located. I would like to note that the manufacturer prints the security code on one of the sides of the product body, and already in the equipment settings you can change it yourself.

Press and hold the button for a couple of seconds, after that within a few minutes the connected devices will establish a contact and the local network will be configured. I already noted that the network name remains the same by default, the password is randomly generated. It should be carefully, on some routers WPS is combined with Reset, which means a complete reset to factory settings. In such cases, if you press the button for more than five seconds, a reset occurs.

кнопка ВПС/сброс

To connect the standard to D-Link, you must enter the desired interface and go to the additional (Advanced) settings. On the left, click on the arrow, after which a list appears in which you should select the above protocol. There it turns on and off, and a security code is written a little lower.

ВПС Длинк

In Asus, you need to go into the settings and select the item with a wireless network in the menu on the left side. In the top menu, click on WPS and access to other settings opens:

ВПС Асус

The same actions for connecting the standard are performed in TP-Link equipment:

ВПС Тп линк

Router LEDs

Suddenly your equipment is equipped with a light indication, it is real to monitor the status of the connection. If the contact of the incoming line and the home network has been broken, or there is no signal, the light will not light.

ВПС индикация ТП Линк

When it blinks, the router configures the program or the receiving devices were not connected correctly. Most likely, you will need to turn off and restart the base station. Constant light bulb - signal distribution is stable.

Индикация ВПС Асус

So what are bulbs for? In order to visually see and track the process of two devices.

How to disable Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

To deactivate a function, you need to go to the router menu and find the corresponding section (see screenshots above for a description of how to enable the function). It will have the “Enable” parameter, change this status to “disabled” - “Disable” or you will have to mark the status of this function as “off”, it will all depend on the model of your equipment.

Why might you need to disable the protocol?

  • If you live in a private house and the Wi-Fi coverage area is small;
  • If you are ready to share your internet;
  • If you have corporate wireless internet.

Wireless networks are hacked by picking a pin code. Weaknesses have been found in this system for a long time, since then a huge number of applications have been created that allow decoding. It only takes time to select the desired numerical combination. Modern routers have upgraded firmware installed and if the wrong combination is entered several times, the system will put a temporary lock. If you are not sure that the firmware of your equipment is reliably protected from breaking, then this function should be activated.

Thanks to this button, you can quickly connect any gadgets to a wireless network, WPS passwords are optional. I hope I managed to explain - WPS on the router - what it is. The configuration of the function on models of various brands is carried out almost identically. If you have any questions, leave comments.

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