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Microsoft’s new Edge browser runs faster than Google Chrome and is already ahead of Firefox in popularity

Microsoft’s new Edge browser runs faster than Google Chrome and is already ahead of Firefox in popularity

Windows 10 users are familiar with the integrated Edge browser, which is constantly offered as the main web browser. However, its limited functionality and unsightly interface cause people to reject it. In this regard, Microsoft took a desperate step and set about creating a radically different solution. You can download a new browser right now.

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Edge on the Chromium Engine

It is worth noting that downloading a new browser is realistic not only for Windows 10, but also for earlier OS releases. And also for Android and iOS mobile devices.

New Edge runs on the Chromium engine, the same as Google Chrome. This favorably affects the speed of opening pages.

According to the results of March 2020, the number of users of this browser increased sharply, which allowed to overtake the Mozilla Firefox browser. The gap is still insignificant. But an impeccable and almost inaccessible leader is Google Chrome. Its share is almost 80%. While Edge barely reached 8%.[/Info]

Another innovation is the installation of extensions from the official Google store. That is, now it’s really possible to expand the functionality of the browser by adding the necessary plug-ins from the catalog of many thousands.


We recorded a review in which innovations in appearance, settings are considered, there is a comparison of resource consumption. We recommend to see:

At the very end of the video, there is real evidence that the new Microsoft software actually consumes less RAM. The experiment took the same pages in Google Chrome and Edge, then compared the performance in the task manager of each browser (called using the combination Shift + Esc ).

Blocking third-party browsers

Now the question arises - do PC users need this? After all, the choice of browsers is very extensive, most of them work on the basis of Chromium. The same Yandex Browser, which over the years has grown into a mass of useful chips.

Will Microsoft's “young” project catch on? Probably yes! After all, it is not in vain that there are rumors on the network that developers intend to replace the old Edge with a new one, then make it mandatory for use by default. And all other analogues will be blocked at the installation stage.

But if you take into account the bitter experience of Google, which in Europe paid for an attempt to monopolize the software market (there was recently such a scandal that entailed legal proceedings), then Microsoft is unlikely to take such a risky step.

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