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How to fix Windows error “Memory cannot be read / written” when starting applications, games

How to fix Windows error “Memory cannot be read / written” when starting applications, games

Whatever version of the Microsoft operating system you have installed, at some point when you launch the application, the game may display a similar error. Memory cannot be read - in Windows 10 how to fix? Consider effective solutions that are also relevant for Windows 7, 8 and even XP.

Ошибка память не может быть read Windows 10 - как исправить


Most often, the malfunction manifests itself when using unofficial software and hacked games (PUBG, DayZ, Apex Legends, CS GO). But even licensed software may not work correctly, which is why the notification "Instruction at 0x00000000 memory cannot be read" will appear.

In this case, we are talking about the inability to read data stored in a specific memory cell. But there may be a mistake in which instead of "read" there will be the word "written". So I can’t write down the information.

Next, consider the possible solutions:

  • Only for Windows 10 - you need to disable the memory integrity check function in the settings of the built-in antivirus (Defender). To do this, open the "Device Security" section, click on the "Kernel isolation information" link and deactivate the corresponding option:

How to fix Windows error "Memory cannot be read / written" when starting applications, games

  • The second way (suitable for Windows 7, 8, 10, XP) - if you use a third-party antivirus program, temporarily disable it. Check - the error "memory cannot be read" is fixed or not;
  • Use the page file - some users delete pagefile.sys to save disk space. But it’s better to use it to improve gaming performance in order to fix the above problem. How to do this is described in detail in the instructions;
  • Starting with admin rights - click on the application’s shortcut with the right mouse button and select the item in the context menu:

Контекстное меню - запуск с правами админа

  • We turn off data execution prevention for specific programs - open "System Properties", on the "Advanced" tab, click on the "Performance Settings" button. Go to the desired tab and activate the second option, then add the executable file of the problem game:

свойства мой компьютер

Дополнительные параметры системы - Быстродействие

How to fix Windows error "Memory cannot be read / written" when starting applications, games

Be sure to restart your computer after making changes!

If none of the above works, how to fix the "memory cannot be read written" error can easily and simply help the following methods:

  • Check the integrity of the system files. To do this, in the CMD console (required with administrator rights), execute the command:

sfc /scannow

We wait for the scan to complete, look at the report in the window and restart the PC.

  • System Restore. It is likely that the problem arose after installing the drivers, third-party utilities, etc., which could adversely affect the situation. Try rolling back to the previous working configuration. Here is the instruction;
  • We remove viruses. Perhaps the cause is malware entering your computer. We recommend using the free portable program DrWeb CureIt. It is better to open it in safe mode.
  • Diagnosing RAM is another useful way if you suspect a RAM malfunction.

We hope that this guide helped get rid of the defect.

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