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How to automatically update applications on your computer using the free Software Updater

How to automatically update applications on your computer using the free Software Updater

After installing the Windows operating system, every PC owner needs a certain set of applications necessary for work, study, entertainment. But the search procedure takes a lot of time. And in the future, for some software, you need to manually download updates to expand the functionality and eliminate errors. A familiar story?

Приложение для обновления программ

How can Software Updater help?

Today we’ll talk about a simple and free utility, the main task of which is to automatically update the programs installed on the computer. All actions are carried out in the background, you do not have to waste time clicking once again with the mouse.

Let's move on to a detailed consideration of the possibilities. But first you need to download the software, install it.

Download Software Updater
  • Launch the application;
  • We see a window where a list of programs that are already available on your PC is displayed:

пеерчень приложений для обновления

  • If fresh versions are available, then in the right corner you will see the "Update" button. It is enough to mark the elements in the list for which you want to download updates;
  • It is also realistic to enable auto-update or add software to the black list (ignore so as not to receive notifications) by right-clicking on the line:

Добавление приложения в игнор

The big advantage is that the process is carried out in the background, you do not need to be distracted. Software Updater will do everything for you.


Overview of the new version of Software Updater 2:

Download Software Updater

Featured Apps

We turn to the second tab of the program, where we are invited to install useful software from different categories. There are audio / video players, Windows optimizers, converters, graphic editors, office software, instant messengers, download managers and much more. A hint with a description is available for each element - just hover over the line:

Рекомендуемый софт в софтвар апдейтер

You can select several objects at once and quickly install them without the appearance of numerous windows.

Software Updater Options

By clicking on the menu button in the upper left corner, you can go to the settings, which contain several tabs:

  • Basic - you can change the interface language, activate the automatic creation of recovery points and delete downloaded files after installation. These are extremely useful features that allow you to roll back in case of an unforeseen situation and remove excess garbage. You can also change the path to the folder where the installers will be downloaded:

Основные параметры апдейтера iobit

  • Update - you can actually set the time for automatic verification, or leave only messages about new versions. Below is a list of programs for which you have enabled auto-update. If necessary, you can delete items from the list:

Параметры обновления в софтваре апдейтер

As you can see, the software is very easy to use and extremely useful for every owner of a Windows computer. Please note that they do not impose anything on you. You yourself have the right to make decisions about installation / upgrade.

We recommend you download, try and share your opinion in the comments.

Download Software Updater


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