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Software_reporter_tool.exe loads Windows system – what to do

Software_reporter_tool.exe loads Windows system – what to do

What to do if a software reporter tool exe file is found in the list of running tasks - loads the processor Windows 7, 8, Windows 10, consumes RAM and interferes with comfortable work. Unfortunately, many users have encountered a similar problem, which is typical for PCs with Google Chrome browser installed.

Что за файл Software reporter tool

Software_reporter_tool.exe - what is it?

The specified element is part of the Google Chrome distribution kit and is designed to “monitor” the behavior of Internet browser extensions that may pose a threat to user data, lead to the display of advertisements, and the replacement of the start page as a result of viruses.

That is, we are dealing with a kind of protective mechanism. So why does it lead to an increased processor load?

By the way, the file is located in the AppData folder in the following way:

C | Users | Name | AppData | Local | Google | Chrome | UserData | SwReporter | Version_number

папка с файлом software_reporter_tool

Since the object is hidden by default by the system, you can get into it through the "Run" console by writing the command in the input field:


команда для открытия папки appdata local

Software reporter tool exe does not load the processor all the time, but only at the time of checking, eliminating potentially dangerous software. But this procedure can sometimes last about an hour. As a result, using a computer (and a browser, in particular) becomes practically impossible.

The best way out is to deactivate the service. But so that this action does not damage the security, it is worth checking the PC periodically using the AdwCleaner utility.

Software_reporter_tool.exe loads Windows system - what to do

How to disable Software reporter tool?

Many go the simple but wrong way - go to the folder from the files and delete it. This is a temporary solution, because with the next update of Google Chrome, the element will recover and will consume resources again.

It is better to perform a total lock:

  • First of all, complete the process in the dispatcher (it is started by the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys), highlighting it with the cursor and clicking on the “Remove task ":

Software_reporter_tool.exe loads Windows system - what to do

  • Now we follow the path indicated at the beginning of the article, not just to the end, but to have a directory named SwReporter in the Explorer window. You need to right-click on it and select "Properties";
  • Next, go to the “Security” tab and click on the button for additional parameters:

Вкладка безопасность в свойствах папки

  • In the window that opens, click on the “Disable inheritance” button:

Отключение наследования папки

  • Two options appear, we are interested in deletion:

Выбираем действие - удалить пути наследования

  • Click OK to save the changes, after which a warning will be displayed - read and click "Yes":

Кнопка Да для блокировки доступа к каталогу

As soon as you perform the manipulations, you will forget about the problem “software reporter tool exe loads the processor”, because the utility will be disabled and its update will be blocked. But, nevertheless, do not forget about security and check the system at least once a week with the AdwCleaner application.


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